STEAM Academy

STEAM Academy is a comprehensive science program designed for homeschool students ages 5-14. Our standards-aligned curriculum, which we develop in-house here at STEAMboat Studio, provides an engaging, hands-on science experience for elementary and middle school students which follows a 5E approach. In the four years we have been offering this program, we have developed lessons covering many aspects of the fields of engineering, physics, chemistry, earth science, and biology. Our aim is to provide young students with a positive experience as we introduce them to a variety of authentic science concepts. This gives confidence when they encounter these concepts later in their schooling as they recognize the ideas and look forward to learning more.


We are currently offering in-person and remote learning options for STEAM Academy. In-person programs are held at Lake Wilderness Arboretum. Classes have a maximum of 10 students, and are held in an open-air tent in the fenced garden area, which is not open to the public. A restroom is available in the garden area, and we will be adding a forced air heater to our tent in January. Masks and social distancing are required in accordance with State guidelines.

Our remote learning program is offered in a combination video+zoom format, and all supplies are provided at the start of each 6-week unit. Students complete the activities in the video lessons, then participate in an optional zoom follow-up with the instructors.

Coming January 2021: Our STEAM Academy homeschool curriculum will be available for purchase, including lesson videos, supply lists, vocabulary, lesson plans, and printables for at-home use.