Engineering Challenge - For Kids! (Ages 6-8)

Kathy Gendreau
STEAMboat Studio (location map)
Tuesday, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
01/07/20 - 02/11/20 (6 weeks)

A shortened version of our popular Engineering Challenge class, with age-appropriate challenges for younger kids! Build things, float things, make things go! Lift things and light them up, too! Using everyday materials like straws, balloons, paper clips, and tape, you'll tackle a new engineering challenge each week. Will you build the tallest tower? Will your bridge hold the load? Will your light bulb light up? Will your car win the race? Get some science and physics know-how to help you in your quest, then test your design and try to make it even better! Ages 6-8. Registration: $72.00.