Learn to Draw Manga (Ages 11+)

Lauren Gendreau
STEAMboat Studio (location map)
Friday, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
01/10/20 - 04/01/20 (6 weeks)

Do you love anime and manga? In this fun and relaxed 6-week class, you'll learn practical techniques to get started drawing your favorite characters! Teen manga artist Lauren Gendreau will walk you through the basics of drawing in the manga style, including male and female faces, body proportions, and tips for drawing hair and clothing. She will show you how to go from a rough sketch to a finshed piece, with instruction in cleanup, line art, and shading. Along the way, Lauren will share her own progression as an artist, and encourage you to explore your personal art style.

Lauren first started drawing anime characters in elementary school. Now a high school junior, she has spent countless hours over the years working on her technique and style, studying the work of professional and amateur artists, and filling many sketchbooks with her drawings. She is looking forward to sharing her knowledge and skills with other fans of the anime and manga art style.

Drawing paper and pencils provided, or bring your own sketchbook and pencils to use in class.

About Teens Teach: Do you have a skill you'd like to share with other teens or pre-teens? Send your class idea to info@steamboatstudio.com with a description of what you'd like to teach and we'll consider it for an upcoming session! All age-appropriate STEAM-related topics will be considered, and you can choose to offer either a one-time workshop or a multi-week class. Teen instructors must be at least 16 years old to be eligible for consideration.