Unit 2: Neuroscience and the Senses

Heidi DuPuis and Casey Vreeken
Lake Wilderness Arboretum (location map)
Thursday, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
11/05/20 - 12/17/20 (6 weeks)


Making Sense of our Senses
Description: Have you ever wondered how we sense things? This unit is all about the brain and how the nervous system works. Find out what “extra” senses exist in the animal kingdom, and how much better some animals’ senses are than those of humans. We will also explore the connection between taste and smell, discover how optical illusions fool our brain, and learn why we have two eyes and ears instead of only one.


Week 1: parts and functions of the nervous system, anatomy of a neuron, senses of other organisms

Week 2: Sense of touch. 2-point investigation, compensating for other senses 

Week 3: Sense of Smell - 4 stages of the olfactory process, connection between smell and memory

Week 4: Sense of Sight - visual processing, perception of color, proportion, optical illusions, optics of glasses, model of a human eye

Week 5: Sense of Hearing - model of an eardrum, things that affect hearing, investigation of directional hearing

Week 6: Sense of Taste: Relationship between taste and smell, influence of sight on taste, survival advantage to better sense of taste in nature


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